Fewer U.S. consumers are looking at the nutrition label

Nutrition Facts label displayed on a box of Cheerios.


Table 1: Information on a nutrition facts label

The NPD Study

Table 2: Graph showing the average percentage of consumers that read nutrition facts labels over 23 years

A critique of the NPD Study

  • 1000 is not a sufficient sample size for the population of the United States.
  • There is no indication that the 1000 persons chosen represented the full range of cultures, localities, socio-economic and academic groups as in the general of the population.
  • The question itself does not distinguish between checking the label of new products vs checking the label of products regularly purchased. It is reasonable to assume that persons will not check the labels of products they already know and regularly purchased.
  • The NPD study had no way of testing to see if the respondents were honest. A hidden camera or discreet observers should have been used to see if the people who said they checked labels really checked the labels.




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