Prime day is FAST approaching! I’m pretty sure when this article is out after procrastinating for WEEKS, it’s probably today.

What’s Amazon Prime Day?

Prime day is an exclusive event held by Amazon for Amazon Prime members. Every year, members have an opportunity to snag incredible deals throughout the storefront. Think of it as Black Friday but in June! Members can buy clothing, food, gaming consoles, appliances, and electronics for drastically reduced prices. Unfortunately, non-prime members do not have access to this event, and there are rarely any deals that they can pick up, so I recommend purchasing a subscription or signing up for a free trial to take part in the savings.

For this year, Prime Day officially starts June 21st at 3 AM and continues for 48hours! It’s perfect for us right now as non-essential stores are closed because of lockdown restrictions placed to help try to curve the Covid-19 spike in Trinidad and Tobago.

Don’t have access to a credit card or don’t want to deal with shipping couriers?

Contact 8Bit Supply Company on Instagram and they’ll sort out everything for you! You’ll even get to partake in prime day deals!

Alright. Let’s get into the deals!!

The Best Early Prime Day Deals

*prices can change during the prime day event

Apple AirPods Pro —

Was: $249.00 USD

Now: $197.00 USD

How often do you see wired headphones anymore? Take advantage of a $52 discount on the latest AirPods pro release from Apple.

Neewer Ring Light Kit —

Was: $159.00 USD

Now: $68.00 USD

Since we have been inside for over a year (feels like its never going to end HAHAHAHA help me), a lot of us have turned to TikTok to help pass the time. Why not partake in the challenges yourself to become the next big influencer! Also, this light seems to be great for video calls and even includes colour filters and a carrying case.

Logitech G305 —

Was: $59.99 USD

Now: $39.99 USD

4.5/5 star rated wireless mouse for PC gaming from the world’s best-selling wireless gaming gear brand Logitech… GO GET IT BEFORE IT’S OUT OF STOCK! It even includes 6 programmable buttons and is super lightweight. Want to increase your K/D ratio and stop being the weight that brings down your team? This may help!

Razer Kiyo Streaming Webcam —

Was: $117.18 USD

Now: $105.00 USD

For the live streamers, this one is especially for you. A 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps webcam with a built-in microphone AND ring light!?! This is PERFECT to capture your reactions while gaming and even for meetings and video calls! Crisp video quality, as well as lighting, removes the need for purchasing any other lighting stands.

Elgato Stream Deck —

Was: $149.99 USD

Now: $ 132.99 USD

This right here is a must-have for you Twitch streamers. 15 LCD keys that are fully customizable to switch scenes, launch media, adjust audio and so much more! It even has direct integration with OBS, Twitch and YouTube for seamless fluidity when controlling your streams. This is the lowest price it has been for a while so take this opportunity to take advantage of this steal!

Tips and Tricks for Prime Day

Losing out on a great deal sucks. It’s especially worst to see the same item you want being sold locally at an extreme markup. Many items are in high demand so you need to be extra prepared for Prime Day. Some ways to get ready are to fill your shopping cart ahead of the sales so you can monitor price fluctuations as well as the stock of items. Make sure to also join waitlists for items that are sold out so you can be the first to be notified when they are back! The Amazon app also allows you to “Watch This Deal” so you can receive push notifications on any items you want!

What items are you keeping an eye on for Prime Day? Do you want a specific product highlighted in this article? Feel free to leave a comment below!

You can reach me on Twitter and let me know what you got from the sale!



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